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 Post subject: Games of the Year 2012
PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:17 PM 
Shelf is CAMPED!!
Shelf is CAMPED!!
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Post what games you liked in 2012 in list form wherein you rank them from best-best to least-best. Multi-platform games I played on PC.

1. X-COM Enemy Unknown (Multi)
2. Journey (PS3)
3. Mark of the Ninja (Multi, download)
4. The Walking Dead (Multi, download)
5. Sleeping Dogs (Multi)
6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Multi)
7. Crashmo (3DS)
8. Darksiders 2 (Multi)
9. Cook, Serve, Delicious! (PC)
10. Spec Ops: The Line (Multi)

Honorable mentions:
FIFA 13 is better than FIFA 12, which was the best FIFA in about five years.
Hotline Miami is pretty impressive, it just doesn't appeal to me at all
Planetside 2 is a pretty good recreation of the first, in modern video game form.
Persona 4 Golden is the ultimate version of one of the best JRPGs ever made (Persona 4 released for PS2 in 2008), and it's a thing you only get on the Vita.
Torchlight 2 seems pretty good but I've only played about an hour of it, considering I put about 80 hours into the first Torchlight like a month before it came out, so I was pretty burned out on Torchlight.
Syndicate is a real cool game that not enough people played and suffers from being too much like Deus Ex from last year (which was a real piece of shit).
Tokyo Jungle this game is INSANE in all the best ways, but the actual playing of it is not that much fun.
The Pinball Arcade just play Theater of Magic and Tales of the Arabian Nights one million times, you piece of shit.

Hot pieces of shit in 2012:
Diablo 3 is a miserable failure almost exclusively because the real-money auction house exists.
Fez I mean ok Phil Fish, you're a demented genius and all, and there's a ton of depth to your silly puzzle game and all, but maybe if a game takes you half a decade to complete and is exclusive to the 360, maybe make the game not run like a pile of dicks on that platform.
Mass Effect 3 hey you know those dozens of hours you've put into making choices and crafting your own universe? Well, the conclusion to your story is going to come down to which of three doors you walk through. Thanks for letting us ruin Bioware's once glorious name!
Orcs Must Die 2 only get this if you have friends who also want to play your weird cartoony tower defense game. Otherwise, load up single player and then literally go fuck yourself.


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:44 AM 
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Waiting on this years Steam Christmas Sale before I pick up a lot of stuff that I skipped over.

The Good

Xenoblade Chronicles -- One of two Wii RPGs worth owning, but holy shit are the graphics terrible. Wish it was on a non shitty console, AKA anything other than the Wii.
The Last Story -- The other Wii RPG worth owning and wishing was on a different console.
Dishonored -- Metal Gear FPS.
Far Cry 3 -- More fun than Dead Island. More fun than Call of Duty. Some sex too.
Faster than Light -- Fun roguelike in space.
Legend of Grimrock -- A fun RPG similar to the old Dungeon Hack style games (Eye of the Beholder)
The Secret World -- Best F2P MMO out there. Should have been a single player game. Only game in existance to be able to justify paying for DLC because the story is pretty boss.
Lone Survivor
Double Dragon Neon -- Pretty solid remake of Double Dragon. Awesome soundtrack.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare -- Ahahahaaha this game is ridiculous. Hack and Slash TF2ish game. All you will hear for hours is "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as tons of dudes run across a field at each other over and over. Wait for it to go on sale tho. $25 bucks is a bit much.

Complete Shit

Diablo 3 -- How do you fuck up Diablo? Install this to find out.
Assassins Creed 3 -- Fuck trees.
Guild Wars 2 -- Zzzz
Borderlands 2 -- 60 dollar DLC for Borderlands 1. Holy fuck both these games are boring as shit.
Hack,Slash,Loot -- Even at 5 bucks, was too much to pay for such a shitty roguelike that should have been free.
Planetside 2 -- Log in, die at spawn, log out.
Anything on the Wii U except Darksiders 2, oh and Batman AC. -- because it's Shit U.
Mists of Pandera Dalies -- At this point they are their own metagame. Fuck you.
WWE 13 -- I hate THQ. I really do. I can't wait until they finally roll over and die off and this can get picked up by EA or some shit. Every year since "Here Comes The Pain" this game has gotten worse. Limited online create a wrestler, shitty netcode, boring as fuck story modes.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:56 AM 
Trakanon is FFA!
Trakanon is FFA!
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Diablo III -- bored me until a friend in Inferno pushed me to play it on that level. It completely changes the game again. At the Inferno tier, (this sounds like paradox, I know) gear stops mattering so much. Weapons can shorten a fight, and armor can make your mistakes a little more forgiving, but the game becomes entirely about tactics because so many tactical mistakes amount to one-shot kills. I loved it -- skill was supreme over gear-grinding, and as a twitch-type from before Nintendo made video games, I'm always gonna love that.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown -- over 100 hours playing this, and I didn't get bored until I could finish the game on Classic. I've always loved this series, so take that into account, but I felt this was a solid addition to the franchise.

Journey -- honorable mention. I love quality over quantity as much as the next elitist, and this delivered like hell there, but there comes a point where a guy looks at three hours total playtime and limits the accolades headed that direction. Journey is remarkable for a lot of reasons, but I can't ignore that they sold me a three hour game for ten bucks; while I'm okay with that when it's Journey, other companies will remember we decided this and begin feeding us crap in three-hour increments because they learned the wrong marketing lesson.

Mass Effect 3: Loved it, but I dig this series too. The ending was as frustrating as everyone says, though.

Didn't play, so won't judge: Torchlight 2 , Orcs Must Die Anything Ever

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